Currently going through a challenging life circumstance. I am unable to monitor or reply to any enquiries nor taking any bookings at the moment until further notice. Thank you for your visit. I deeply apologise and hope that I can return to be of service in the future. Sending much love.

Discover what Reiki energy healing can do for you

Relax. Let go. Embrace harmony. Relieve discomfort.

Chanika Belcher Reiki New Zealand

Physical, Mental & Spiritual

Reiki is a natural, vibrational, hands-on healing practice that restores balance, harmony and alignment by supporting the body’s own healing abilities. It works on all bodily levels - the physical, mental and spiritual -  and through harmonising, it’s possible to shift energy blocks and bring back balance to the body which can create space for your body to heal.

If your life force energy is low, you are vulnerable to illness, depression and stress. When your life force energy is high and flowing freely, you are healthy and happy.

How can Reiki support you?

The calming, restorative effects of Reiki support not just those who are in pain or discomfort, but anyone seeking greater balance, clarity and wellbeing. You’ll likely feel calmer, more relaxed, with improved mental focus and emotional resilience. Reiki can even help to strengthen and support your immune system, detoxify your body, improve the condition of physical ailments and ease pain.

Reiki | Embrace Healing Space

Your Reiki session

Reiki is a gentle hands-on practice, with light touch. As I remain focused in a meditative state, this is a quiet session and an opportunity for you to completely relax, however you’ll be invited to share any reflections after your session. Each person’s response is personal to them, both emotional and physical. It’s a complementary practice alongside other healing modalities, and the ideal way to nurture and support change, particularly if you are consciously developing through coaching. All you have to do is come open to receiving.

My Reiki Services

In-person Reiki Treatment

60 Minutes NZD90 / THB2,250

Take time out for yourself in my beautiful healing space. Arrive in comfortable clothes, ready to relax and open to nurturing change within. With light touch, I’ll harmonise and restore energetic power. This is a hands-on treatment.

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Online Reiki Treatment

30 Minutes NZD50 / THB1,250

Make time to relax and restore. We’ll connect via video call and your treatment can take place remotely. Please allow 30 minutes to connect and be in an uninterrupted space so you can drop into the beautiful state of relaxation.

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Reiki for Pets and Animals

15 Minutes NZD25 / THB625
Please provide me with your pet’s photo.

Pets are smaller than adults and they only need a shorter amount of time receiving Reiki. There is no need to connect via Zoom call. The time booked is for internal admin use. I will email you once the session is completed.

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Kind Words

Testimonials for Embrace Healing Space

"Chanika is very genuine, caring and patient. The whole session I felt she was there for me with no judgement. No fakeness. No ulterior motive. A very giving and wonderful human. Thank you." ~ David E

"Chanika was great. She took her time and made me feel comfortable. I felt different and lighter after the session. I definitely recommend Chanika." ~ Lara

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