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Working with you to nurture profound change

I call on self-empowering techniques to help you facilitate breakthroughs, build inner awareness and resilience and redefine the narratives that have been shaping your reality.

QHHT: Multidimensional Healing Method

Your mind is powerful – and you can use it to create positive change.

Discover what Reiki Energy Healing can do for you

Relax. Let go. Embrace harmony. Relieve discomfort.

Take a step towards Past Life Regression

Looking back can show you the way forward, in a fun group setting.

Kind Words

"Thank you very much for this great session yesterday. It was an intense and amazing new experience for me to be able to be in a trance, discover a past life and let my subconscious to talk. You guided me very well and I felt comfortable with you to share my experience." ~ Marine

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