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Take a step towards past life regression

Looking back can show you the way forward.

Get a glimpse of what insight awaits within.

This small-group past life regression experience is a first step towards your journey with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) for those who are curious. Alongside kindred participants, you’ll safely learn how to trust the information that comes through, and explore the past life, and its insights, that is the most appropriate for you to see.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) & Reiki | Embrace Healing Space

How can past life regression support you?

There is knowledge within you, gained from past life experience, that can help provide insight into your experiences in life today.

Through this journey, it’s likely you’ll gain a new understanding and acceptance of your emotional, mental, physical or spiritual self. You may leave the session with increased self-awareness and a higher vibration that elevates your overall sense of wellbeing.

It’s ideal for those who want to experience the benefits of hypnosis (QHHT), in a collaborative environment, before undertaking a private session. This group experience can be a stepping stone to trusting the process, and realising the wisdom that exists within.

Spirituality and Mindfulness Coach Auckland
Group past life regression session with Chanika Belcher | Embrace Healing Space

Your past life regression session

With a guided meditation technique, I will lead you to a state of relaxation which brings you into a light trance. In this state, you’ll bypass your busy conscious mind, allowing you to access the subconscious where all the memories of other lifetimes are being stored.

There are three parts: past life, meet your guides, future life. During this process, we may meet your guides, who will provide guidance, any healing that is needed and messages that can provide clarity and insight needed to bring harmony into your life today.

Future life is not set in stone, but an opportunity to see the potential of all beings. Following this journey, you’ll be invited to write down these impressions, and if open to it, share your experience with the group. Group regression is for both entertainment and education.

Come with an open heart and mind, but without expectation, ready to accept whatever possibility is presented to you.

Group Past Life Regression
(Quantum Journey)

(around 4 Hours)
NZD90 / THB2,250 per person

Each session will have a minimum of 3 participants. You’ll also receive a NZD50 / THB1,250 credit towards any future hypnosis session (to be used within 12 months as of the event’s date).

Kind Words

"I want to say thanks a lot to Chanika for hosting the session I had. Connecting with my highest self and getting clarity on what I want and (what) my life purpose is. (It) feels amazing. It helps me to understand if I have anything I need to heal and give me the opportunity to visualise my future self so clearly. 

Chanika is so empathetic, understanding and I can feel that I can trust her with my emotions, concerns and I can be vulnerable with her. Thanks a lot Chanika for this opportunity. I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking to connect with your highest self to check out this session." ~ Loan

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