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Preparation and things to know for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session

What to bring

  • A list of 3-5 questions or what you want to achieve/heal. We’ll discuss these during the session, but there may be questions that come up, and that’s OK too.
  • Your signed (and read) client information form.

What to expect

The session is very interactive and you will likely be aware of what is happening while in a hypnotic state which is a relaxed, focused state. We access the information from the subconscious through this state and via the right brain where the imagination is and memories are stored.

We will talk a lot about your personal stories, life experiences, pains and joys. Take this opportunity to be honest with yourself and let your heart speak.

Sessions won’t necessarily take you to the Starseed origins or Convoluted Universe materials, yet it is possible. Most of the time, you could land into a mundane life, life on earth, and many more possibilities. Please keep an open mind to what you will experience. This modality was designed for therapeutic purposes which means that we will go through time and places where it is the most appropriate for you to heal.

Please note that this is not a psychic reading session, but rather a tool to empower you to know how to be in touch with your Higher-Self or Subconscious, and gain answers, wisdom and perspectives from within you.

How to prepare for the session

  1. Please do not take sleeping pills, relaxing pills, alcohol, or addictive substances prior to the session. 
  2. Please lower the amount of caffeine or energy drink intake to the least possible amount that you would be ok with. 
  3. Please eat well (but not overeat) prior to your session as the length of the session could be between 4-6 hours. We will take a little break after the first 2 hours.
  4. Feel free to bring your water, smoothies or snacks as you may need it to ground yourself after the session. 
  5. Bring along your questions + client information form. (Please email the form if it is an online session)
  6. Wear comfortable clothes for you to feel at ease when lying down for a couple of hours during the session. 
  7. The session could also be emotional and it is perfectly normal to cry during the session. You can allow yourself to release these emotions that may come through, in order to heal. I suggest wearing light eye makeup (or none). 
  8. All Quantum Hypnosis sessions are one-on-one and will be confidential. Having another person in the session will not be beneficial. I ask that no partners, children, family members, friends accompany you during the session. This is your very own experience. No other person will be permitted to stay during the session.  
  9. Do not schedule active activities or work after the session. You will need some time to ground yourself and process the information.

How to prepare your mind

  1. Set a positive intention that you will experience a wonderful healing session. 
  2. Set no expectations. Allow yourself to trust that - whatever happens or shown by your subconscious is perfect and it always has reasons to it. 
  3. It would be beneficial to keep yourself in a slow pace before coming to the session. All forms of meditation, listening to 432 Hz music, or earthing could help. 
  4. Be open to what may come up before the sessions, it could be your emotions, frustrations, feelings, all the senses.
  5. Most of all, trust the process. Know that your Higher-self is always loving and forgiving and always with you. Whatever comes first in mind, it's the answer.  You are in a safe and loving space. Trust yourself.

After your session

  1. Drink plenty of water and eat well.
  2. Rest well; take it easy on yourself.
  3. Pay attention to signs, messages, synchronicity, sense of knowing in the next 7 days.
  4. Listen to the recording. You will be surprised that you may get so much more information and wisdom from just revisiting the recording.
  5. Live your life at best.

For your comfort and safety, please advise when booking of any of the following

  1. Mental health issues (personality disorders, schizophrenia, etc.) 
  2. Hearing impairment (must be able to hear the practitioner) 
  3. Minors under 16-years old. 


  • I accept cash, bank transfer or online payment.
  • For Bank Transfer: ANZ Bank 06-0409-0785034-00
    Use (Service type) and (your name) as reference if you choose to transfer.
  • 50% deposit is required at least 72 hours prior to the session. This is to let me know to secure a spot for you. 
  • The remaining balance can be paid on the day or full amount prior to the session is welcome. 
  • It would be really appreciated if you could let me know, once the amount has been paid.

Click here to download QHHT Intake & Agreement Form

Preparation for an online session

Setting up a space and gadgets

  • Good internet connection
  • A laptop with a built-in camera that can be plugged-in to the power source all the time during the session. Please be mindful to put it on the flat surface not on a cushy surface as it needs ventilation. This is for technical safety purposes. 
  • Mobiles and tablets cannot be used for the session as it will be a long session. The battery may be low or the device might turn itself off during the session.
Headset prep for online healing session
  • A headset with a working (built-in) microphone. (Cannot be wireless). Otherwise we could try using earphones that could be plugged into your laptop. Earphones are not preferable as they may not position directly to your mouth which may cause a low quality of sounds. In order for me to facilitate the session, I will need to be able to hear you clearly. When we are in a hypnotic state, it is very likely that you will speak so much softer which can cause a difficulty to hear if the microphone is not positioned correctly.
  • A quiet space for you without an interruption during the session. The session must be conducted in privacy as I only facilitate sessions in confidentiality. Relatives, friends or loved ones are not allowed to observe the sessions.
  • There will be a bathroom break in between.
  • Anywhere in your home (e.g. bed, couch) that you feel the most comfortable with. It’s best to be in a comfortable outfit.