Currently going through a challenging life circumstance. I am unable to monitor or reply to any enquiries nor taking any bookings at the moment until further notice. Thank you for your visit. I deeply apologise and hope that I can return to be of service in the future. Sending much love.

Achieve transformational healing

For an elevated life with ease, alignment and purpose.

Do you have a sense that there’s something bigger and better in store for your life – but you need clarity, guidance and self-belief to help you move forward?

Embrace Healing Space

is where you can feel safe to explore your own truth, free from judgement. I believe that everyone can be the master of their own life and all the answers lie within them. You can heal yourself; your body has that innate ability. With compassion, warmth and encouragement, I’ll walk hand-in-hand with you towards achieving a deeper knowing, more self-love, and ultimately profound inner peace.

I’ll work with you to nurture profound change

I call on self-empowering techniques to help you facilitate breakthroughs, build inner awareness and resilience and redefine the narratives that have been shaping your reality.

Our life story is written in our body and imprinted in subconscious corners of our mind, where past traumas and unprocessed emotions reside. Without healing and acknowledgement, these can begin to manifest as pain, illness, overwhelm, emotional blocks or fears that may be holding you back from a true sense of ease, freedom and joy; from rising to your potential with a full expression of your best self.

It is possible to free your mind and heart of these limitations. To reconnect with the innate wisdom within you. To step into your greater potential, heal wounds and trust your true purpose.

I’m here to show you how.

How I help

I assist people finding the root cause of their life challenges and life patterns, and come to awareness of self limiting beliefs. Through the process of coaching, clinical hypnotherapy, forgiveness therapy and spirituality, you’ll uncover lessons and higher purpose. Through transmuting the perspective in life challenges, you’ll access the wisdom within you which will become your own life compass to help you navigate through life with happiness, more ease and sense of fulfilment.

Curiosity has led you here; trust will guide you towards the transformation you seek

Right now, you might be struggling with your sense of identity, fulfilment or satisfaction. Perhaps you’re seeking belonging or meaning. You could be aware that peace, contentment or direction are missing from your life. Or, your story may be shaped by past trauma, generational trauma, self-sabotaging patterns and self-limiting beliefs that you know are not serving you in creating the future you want.

Curious, but not sure what’s right for you?

I’d love to hear from you, learn about what you’re seeking, and share more about how I can support you.