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Quantum hypnosis frequently asked questions

Find out more about what you expect when you book a session with me.

Where are you based?

I am based in Auckland, New Zealand, however, I offer my services globally. Please contact me to schedule a free 15 minute discovery call to find out more about how we can work together.

I also go back to Thailand to visit my family. Please feel free to register your interest for when I am back in Thailand.

What language do you use to conduct sessions?

English and Thai.

What can a Quantum Hypnosis Session help?

  • Relieve, make peace with, or clear past trauma
  • Relieve, make peace with, or heal from past lives
  • Make peace with one's self
  • Understand patterns and break free
  • Self-reflection from a higher perspective
  • Search for an origins of psychosomatic symptoms
  • Scan body to understand the connection between emotions, habits and beliefs that manifested into forms of physical illnesses.
  • Get a clear message on your purpose
  • Answer your life questions (however this is not a fortune teller/psychic reading service)
  • You may meet your guides or passed loved ones if it is appropriate
  • Assist to send spiritual attachments to the light
  • Body healing meditation. 

Do I have control over myself during a hypnosis session?

Yes, absolutely. Hypnosis is nothing more than a relaxed and focused attention. Practitioners do not have control over you. Our job is merely to act as a guide and a person who holds a compassionate space for you during the session so that you can discover your inner wisdom and healing at your own free will.

Do I sleep during a hypnosis session?

No. Actually, you need to be aware throughout the whole session. The session will be like a guided meditation. It will be very interactive. You will close your eyes and I will ask you to describe to me about all your senses (see, hear, smell, feel, sense, know, remember). I will ask you to move through scenes. It will feel like your imagination or watching a movie. We will have conversations.

Why Quantum Healing Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy is a natural and organic process of tapping into the power of your own mind to achieve your self-improvement goals.  Many people think of hypnotherapy only for helping with habits such as quitting smoking or losing weight. While it certainly is good for those, the power of the mind has no limits for personal application.

Quantum Hypnosis does not stop you from seeing only the 3D reality that we are living in. The technique recognises the power of the mind, soul, multidimensional realities, energies and beyond.

Why 'Quantum'?

The Quantum term is often used in Metaphysics explanations. Because it is so vast and so loving, where normal physics has some limitations to the interpretation and the definition. In a Quantum realm we have no limitation; everything is possible. Time is non-linear. And there is so much more than the physicality and the 3 dimensional aspects to uncover.

“Quantum Healing 'is' and 'beyond' Past Life Regression.”

Can we do QHHT remotely?

All QHHT Sessions are in-person and one-on-one and we honour Dolores Cannon's wish to keep it this way. However, I provide IQH as an equivalent to QHHT. IQH is also a very beautiful healing technique that provides profound healings as equal as QHHT.

Can we do IQH (Illuminated Quantum Healing) remotely?

Yes, absolutely. There are beautiful protocols in place and hundreds of sessions have been done online by IQH practitioners. There are many great advantages for the online session, such as, you don't have to leave your home which will provide you more comfort during the session, and there is no need to worry about travelling time. Although, it is important that you have a strong internet connection and the right tools. It is also important to set the whole day for yourself and communicate with your household members that you would need a quiet, undisturbed space during the session. Please enquire for more information.

Or follow the link below to know more about IQH.

Links to QHHT Official Websites

What is the SC (Subconscious)?

In QHHT, we define subconscious differently from the other modalities. Some people call it subconscious (SC), some call it a higher self, deepest self, guides, an over-soul, or universal consciousness. You could look at it literally or metaphorically. It is the part of yourself that is so wise, kind, loving and forgiving. It is within you. It looks at the situation without any attachments or being emotional. It sees the situation in a higher perspective and objectively. 

What to expect ?

A practitioner cannot manipulate the session, in other words, we don't know what the higher-self may show us. Sessions won’t necessarily take you to the Starseed origins or Convoluted Universe materials, yet it is possible. Most of the time, you could land into a mundane life, life on earth, past, present, future, parallel life and many more possibilities. Please keep an open mind to what you will experience. This modality was designed for therapeutic purposes which means that we will go through time and places where it is the most appropriate for you to heal.

Did I make that up?

We are working with the right side of the brain where it works with the imagination and this side of the brain has the ability to tap into all memories. By imagining it, we are activating this part of our consciousness to send and receive electromagnetic signals to the quantum field. Was the information useful and constructive? Listen to your heart and you are the best person to know if you made this up. 

Is QHHT, IQH, Introspective Hypnosis a psychic or a fortune reading session?

No. This is a healing modality with the ultimate goal to self-liberate, self-empower and assist you to remember who you truly are. It utilises clinical hypnotherapy and coaching techniques with the knowledge of metaphysics to help navigate the session.

What does a session look like?

Usually a whole session can last about 4-6 hours. This includes:

  1. The interview part to get to know you and talk about your life. So I get to know your happiness and pains. We may be able to identify life patterns within this part of the session. (1.5-2.5 hours)
  2. You will lie down comfortably in bed and I will ask you to see or imagine some things. Most clients say it feels like a guided meditation. All you have to do is to trust the process and keep talking to me. I will ask you questions to help you investigate what you see or know. We will then connect to your subconscious mind, the questions will be asked and answered, and the healing works will begin. (1.5-2.5 hours)
  3. Once that has been done I will gently bring you back to the present, and we will go over your session together, have an integrative chat and answer any questions you may have at that point. (15-30 mins)

*** I suggest that you allow a whole day for yourself. Do not schedule active activities or work after the session. You will need some time to ground yourself and process the information. ***

Can my partner/spouse/friends/kids be with me during the session?

All Quantum Hypnosis sessions are one-on-one and will be confidential. Having another person in the session will not be beneficial. I ask that no partners, children, family members, friends accompany you during the session. This is your very own experience. No other person will be permitted to stay during the session.

Will I be able to go in trance?

Did you know that we spend approximately 95% of our life in trance? The tip to this is to not analyse during the session. Even just the thought of ‘Am I doing it right?’. Just allow the first impressions that come to mind. You can analyse it later after the session. Plus, you will get a copy of the recording to revisit, so you will not have to try to remember at all. If, in the case that you cannot get the answers during the session, it is perfectly fine. Trust that the higher-self will reveal it to you when the time is right.

Will I remember the session?

Do you often remember some of your dreams? It is totally normal for people to drift between Alpha and Theta state of trance during the session. Most people will remember and some might not remember. You will likely be aware of a whole session because you will need to talk to me. The session is very interactive. It is totally normal and as the time passes, the memory can fade and you may feel like you don't remember all of it.

Will I get the recording?

All practitioners are required to give you the audio recordings to take home and for you to re-listen as much as possible. You will be surprised that you may get so much more information and wisdom from just revisiting the recording.

Is the healing instantaneous?

When it is appropriate, the healing could be instantaneous or could be over time like peeling an onion. Re-listening to the recording is also recommended to receive the benefit of healing. The healing can occur on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

I'm afraid about what I will hear or uncover.

In Quantum Hypnosis, we are working with the beautiful higher consciousness energy. The subconscious mind (or the higher-self) which is a part of you, knows you the best. It's so full of love, so forgiving, and so wise. It knows what you can handle and cannot. It knows when it is the right time to reveal to you. And it will never give you more than what you can handle.

Are there any contraindications?

  1. Mental health issues (personality disorders, schizophrenia, etc.) 
  2. Hearing impairment (must be able to hear the practitioner) 
  3. Minors under 16-years old. 

I am in need of healing and I am struggling with money.

If you have a terminal illness/ serious illness/ life trauma/ turmoil or know someone who is in need, please feel free to contact me. Please write to me about your story and we can arrange some sort of barter, donation, small fees (just to cover the cost), so that you or your loved ones can have an access to the healing. In this way, I could give back to the community. I know how it was like to be in a hardship situation. Please keep in mind that I may have a long wait list for a free/donation session. But I will try my best.


Q: I cannot be hypnotised. 
A: Everyone can be hypnotised. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It cannot override free will.  

Q: Hypnosis can mess your mind up 
A: Only if you allow them to. You always have your free will. Mostly you could see from the 'STAGED HYPNOSIS' or 'YOUTUBE SELF TAUGHT' which is totally different from Clinical Hypnosis. Clinical hypnosis can be viewed as a guided meditation with a practitioner/therapist holding a safe space for you, helping you to navigate to the path of self-empowerment.  

Q: I have seen people going funny in the shows. 
A: Hypnosis is nothing more than a relaxed and focused attention. Clinical Hypnosis is not to be confused with Staged Hypnosis. We are in trance everyday and may I say, most of the time. For example, we day dream while we are driving, watching TV, reading books, listening to music. Your mind wanders off all the time. Hypnosis is simply about taking some time to wander off into the positive direction.  

Q; I cannot visualise well. 
A: Visualisation is part of it. We use all the senses, recalling, remembering, sense of knowing, feelings, envision, imagining.  

Q: I could have made it up through my own imagination. 
A: Imagination is one of the languages from your higher self. Artists and song writers who were/are connected to their higher self created magnificent works that help shaping and healing the world. We are channeling to our higher self all the time. We just need the time and space to quiet down the chatty mind and start to listen. Have you ever had those moments when you know that you know, you said things that were so brilliant instantaneously, but you don't know how you know it?  

Q: I can remember all of it. I was not in a deep enough trance. 
A: Good news! Humanity is ascending and we are now closer to our higher self more than ever. There is no need to totally be in an amnesia state anymore (for the hypnosis to work). Although, it is still possible. Trust the first thing that comes to mind. As the Earth is shifting, we become more intuitive than ever. We are just not used to it. And it is now the matter of getting used to it.  

Q: I am not ready to listen to my session recording. 
A: The healing continues for several days and longer. It is OK if you need to digest the information after the session. However, it will be most beneficial if you listen to it as soon as possible and as frequently as possible. The healing comes from understanding and being able to put it into place. You will be surprised how much more new information and healing you will receive every time you revisit the session recording.

Refund, Cancellation and Reschedule Policy

I will be doing my best to assist you on a journey and a path of self-liberation. Your full participation, transparency and trust in the process is required during the session to ensure we can endeavour to achieve your goals together.

All sessions are non-refundable:

  • once the session has commenced

  • if you fail to arrive at your appointment

  • cancellation within 24 hours, or (48 hours for QHHT).

If you need to reschedule, please do so within 48 hour of the appointment.

This is in consideration for my allocated time and space, and others waiting for appointments. The refund will not be given, however, you will be given the first priority to re-book the session at the earliest availability. The credit to your account is to be used within 12 months from the date purchased.

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