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QHHT 003 The Warrior of the White Courtyard

To all the freedom fighters around the world.

Such a beautiful session and I feel like this is the most right time to post it.

This session was done in July last year, really rellavant and empowering for freedom fighters all around the world at the moment.

My client went on a journey to see a life of a man who his life spend time in this Peaceful White Courtyard. Later he described to me that the scenes reminded him of a Japanese Zen Garden.

He was standing up for what was right to protect his region. We communicated with a wise man of the courtyard which later we feel that he was his higher self communicating. This was wonderful how the information came all together. The wisdom to fight with peace and many more.

P.S. After this video was rendered, I found that it's 55.55 mins long. How divine! :)