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My Recent Self-Reiki Experience

Self-Reiki experience

Reiki opens my eyes to another perspective about energy healing.

I discovered that Reiki, in my own innerstanding, is a Universal Energy that is so abundance and limitless. It could be accessible by intention and awareness. Which I can talk more  about it in another blog post. 

I would like to share about my recent Reiki experiences.

In the last month, I caught a flu. My symptoms were intensive. My body was achy. I was shivering, sweating, nauseous. I had vertigo, and sore throat. I lost appetite and ability to taste.

I decided to do Reiki on myself whenever I possibly can. It was not easy because of the sickness took away a lot of the abilities to focus. I did manage to do Reiki on myself once or twice a day. I did not know what to expect because I have not had a flu for many years. Although, I trusted that Reiki Energy will flow and know where it needs to go to harmonise the body.

It turned out that every time I was doing Reiki on myself, I felt the relieving of the symptoms like discomfort around my chest, head and body. Reiki also helped putting me to a relaxed state where I can drift off to sleep easier, while dealing with the severity of the symptoms.

Self-Reiki along with vitamins, supplements, fresh lemon and honey drinks, fruits, lots of rests, essential oils, sun light, I was able to recover from the flu symptoms so quickly within 5 days. After the 5th day, I was in the recovering stage where I was still feeling lethargic and prolong coughing were to be dealt with, but no more flu symptoms.

The lethargy and coughing last about one and a half weeks, which every day the intensity became less and less. So I was amazed with the results.

After recovered from the flu, one morning, I had a blocked ear.

This resulted in vertigo. I applied Reiki to my ears and in a few minutes, I starting to hear the noises in my ear, the wax was melting! This was not something I expected and I was amazed. I continue to apply Reiki to my self and slowly but surely drift off to sleep again. I woke up a few hours later and felt a lot better that I was able to continue my day. The next day I scheduled to get my ear cleaned at the ear clinic which went well. 

I hope that this helps giving you some ideas on how Reiki Energy is so amazing and how we can benefit from it. 

Let me know your journey, have you ever had a Reiki treatment? How did it feel? What do you think about Reiki? How did you benefit from it? What would you like to know about Reiki? Let's share this together, I would love to hear from you. :)